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Image by Isis França

Dynamic sealing solutions

Shaft sealing rings (WDR) are seals that are used to seal off machine housings on emerging elements (usually shafts or push rods) from the environment.


Radial shaft seals (RWDR) are installed with a tight fit in the housing or housing cover. Its sealing lip runs on the surface of the rotating shaft and is usually pressed radially onto the shaft surface by a hose spring (worm spring).

Axial WDR:

Axial shaft sealing rings are used to fulfill secondary sealing tasks, for example dust protection or splash protection. In contrast to the RWDR, the sealing lip does not seal on the shaft, but usually on a housing part in the axial direction.


- Advice and design of the material and type of the ring

- Selection of leading manufacturers

- Review of stroke and rotation sealing applications

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