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ring cord seal

Depending on the installation situation, seals will be axial, radial-inner or radial-outner sealing. In order for the profile to function optimally, it is important that minimum radii are taken into account. These minimum radii are directly related to the selected profile. Endless seals have a vulcanization point. These joints have almost the same chemical and thermal properties as the profile.


Seals with end plugs

Sealings with end plugs are not endless, i.e. the gaskets each have end pieces that are fitted with an elastomer plug. It is possible to produce an end piece in a retracted or expanded state.


Valve locking and positioning

Valves are installed in the bottom of the profile for expansion seals. In the case of expansion seals, it is possible to install the valve in the bottom of the profile or on the side. The valve is secured mechanically or by the additional attachment of a cone to stabilize the valve.

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