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Industries and Applications


Special mechanical engineering

Special machines are single or small series production. The high customer requirements mean a high degree of engineering and advice in the field of inflatable seals and static sealing elements.



Large quantities and high quality elastomers, manufactured in compliance with applicable automotive standards.


Food and pharmaceutical industries

Highest hygiene standards as well as first-class pure elastomers. Molded seals that must have a dead space-free design.
We'll help you choose the right elastomers right from the start.

Construction Worker


Resistant elastomers and a robust design of the seals are a must here. New types of construction by architects and design also require suitable sealing solutions.

Packaging industry

This sector requires a wide variety of static and dynamic seals. Contact with food, medical filling and the highest hygiene standards lead to high-quality materials that have to meet a number of complex approvals.


Medical industry

The medical industry is characterized by very demanding manufacturing qualities and tight tolerances. The highest standards apply here to sealing technology.

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