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Express production

  • kleine bis mittlere Stückzahlen

  • Entnahme von komplexeren Geometrien durch Handarbeit möglich

metal mould or plastic injection mold setup on high pressure injection molding machine for

Materials with special approvals

Design of new sealing systems

Expert evaluation of existing systems

Image by Nemesia Production

Rapid prototyping

Prototypes within a very short time

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Express Manufacturing 

When time matters:


Especially in the MRO business, interchangeability and speed are in demand. Current and already initialized projects (eCOREseal, inflatable seals) we are able to provide replacements within shortest time. 



EPDM            Alterungs- und Ozonbeständigkeit


CR                  Flammwidrigkeit, Chemikalien- und Alterungsbeständigkeit

NR                  Hohe Elastizität

NBR               Beständigkeit gegen Benzin, Mineralöle und Fette

FKM               Hohe Hitze– und Chemikalien Beständigkeit

                         Sowie Alterungs– und Witterungsbeständigkeit

ASTM - Grad

Rohdichte                Bezeichnung

       41                         130 – 170 kg/m³              weich

       42                        160 – 200 kg/m³            mittel

       43                        170 – 210 kg/m³              fest

       44                        180 – 220 kg/m³             extrafest

Thin sheets of multicolored cellular rubber arranged into iridescent shape.jpg

Express Manufacturing 

worker operating rubber compression machine.jpg
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