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Produkte: Materialien und Tipps

Inflatable seals

In many applications the sealing gap is too large for a static sealing element or the seal must be able to be activated (adjacent) or deactivated when opening or closing door or sliding elements.
Activatable seals also serve to generate pressure, for example to press 2 objects together. More than one seal:

Lifting or holding functions also belong to the tasks of our inflatable seals. 


The functional principle is identical to our inflatable seals.

Our innovation: Our production data, as well as your specific data such as

  • your article number 

  • Material and hardness

  • Installation date of the seal

  • Valve data,

can be conveniently read from a safe distance while your system is running. Without interrupting production.


Round cords - meter ware or tailored

Made from extruded round cord. Almost invisible vulcanization points at a good price-performance ratio.



Manufactured from plate sheets. Can be produced in various designs such as conical, with flange or simply cylindrical.


Hose rings

Made of extruded section. These gaskets can be filled with various materials if required, which can influence the hardness and sealing force.


Profile Extrudates:
By the meter or ready-made

Profile gaskets exist in the most diverse variants. Almost any customer-specific profile can be extruded and hot vulcanized into rings or frames. The production of profiles by hot vulcanization usually requires a preliminary investment in the manufacture of extrusion tools and vulcanization molds. 

Profile cross-sections are extremely versatile and can be adapted to individual requirements. For this reason, a standard product range would not be appropriate. We would be pleased to check your request personally. 


Moulded sealing-parts

Possible designs for moulded seals are:


  • Cup seals or double cup seals with and without spring (e.g. piston seals)

  • U-Cups with or without support rings 

  • O-rings 

  • Housing seals

  • Design applications

The correct use of the elastomer, in relation to the applications and their media, as well as temperature and pressure, play an important role here. SEALOVATION offers in-depth elastomer knowledge to help customers extend the life of their products. In addition, the monitoring of all drawing tolerances in seal design is an important functional guarantee.

The correct use of the elastomer and the experience to design seals correctly including all tolerances are among the most important benefits we offer our customers!

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