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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Express production

When time matters

four multi-colored cubes synthetic rubbe

Materials with special approvals

Design of new sealing systems

Expert evaluation of existing systems

high precision aluminium rubber and plas

Rapid prototyping

Prototypes within a very short time

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Express Manufacturing 

When time matters:


Especially in the MRO business, interchangeability and speed are in demand. Current and already initialized projects (eCOREseal, inflatable seals) we are able to provide replacements within shortest time. 

Image by Nino Ubezio

Material consulting

Material consulting
Approvals for food and pharma can be very time consuming. Talk to us, book one of our engineering packages and get prompt answers:


  • Basic material selection (EPDM, VMQ, NBR, etc...)

  • Resistance analysis 

  • Approval advice

  • Advice on the right elastomer hardness (Shore A)

  • Shelf life/durability

  • Thermal expansion of elastomer at high temperatures --> leakage? 

  • Material sourcing

  • ....

Design Zulassungen.png

Design of new sealing systems

The heart of every sealing engineer: new challenges and satisfied customers, with the tailor-made solution:

You want more from a DIchtung? So do we! Talk to us about innovative DIchtungen.

  • min/max analyses of the component and complete systme

  • design and function by innovative possibilities

  • thermal expansion

  • alternative sealing approaches

  • full consulting by experienced engineers

  • innovative technologies like eCOREseal

Image by Kumpan Electric
Ausleung neuer Dichtsysteme

Rapid Prototyping

The realistic prototype or the perfect pre-series with material properties similar to those of series production in approx. 10 working days: With this highly developed and economical rapid prototyping process, product development times can be enormously shortened, weak points can be analyzed in advance and production costs can be noticeably reduced.


The result:

sample-quality parts and assemblies that are highly heat-resistant, glass-fiber-reinforced, transparent or rubbery, and can be surface-finished and customized according to your wishes.
and colored according to your requirements. Silicone castings are also possible.

Image by Science in HD
Rapid Prototyping
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